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1-Click Solution for Digital Interaction

You are responsible for many assets at the same time and you are searching for a solution where users can digitally report you object-related topics?

We are offering dynamic QR Codes with customizable interaction that can be placed at the Point of Interest. Connect unique QR Codes to unique assets and let users get in touch with you.

Three important characteristics


Connect physical objects to unique QR codes by adding customizable meta data like a location or a description.

These meta information will be forwarded with each interaction. This way you can directly identify the affected asset.

It will not only help you to speed up your service activities but also creates a standardized data basis for further optimization.


Design your own interaction flow: Define categories and standardized messages a user can select from and add inputs that can be provided (e.g. picture/document upload, freetexts, quantitiy fields etc.)


Often large amounts of assets are spread within their responsibility. With us you can ensure that always the right care-taker will be notified. Simply define for each QR Code a responsible recipient.

Notifications can be sent by SMS or E-Mail or we integrate in existing systems by APIs.