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The Lost-Protection for your Valuables

With your personal lost and found office in pocket size you will get back lost items in lightspeed. With us you are directly contactable and you will stay 100% anonymous. If your keys are getting in the wrong hands personal infomation are better kept secret.

The QR-based contact for your vehicle

People say your parking-skills are “creative”? Or the roads in your neighbourhood are crazy busy? With us you are direcly contactable if there is an issue with your car. From now on people can report car-related issues to you: Let them scan it & leave a note. We deliver in real-time (anonymously) directly to your phone.

As a modern Give-Away for your Customers / Employees / Target Group

We will bring our products in your design – starting with purchase volumes of 300 pcs.

Create your own Use-Case and define your inidvidual digital interaction on physical objects

You need to keep an eye several objects? It does not matter if you want to receive digital feedback regarding your hotel rooms, repair requests on office facilites or you want to know about damages on your vending machines fastly – we can build your individual interaction.

Each QR-Code is unique and can get assigned to a single object and a responsible receipient.