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Be contactable when your car needs you the most. 100% anonymous & digital.


  • Your parked car has been hit
  • Your handbrake is loose & your car starts moving
  • Your window is open
  • You are blocking an emergency way
  • You parked within a tow-away zone

With our QR-Stickers for Cars

you are one scan away from getting notified directly on your phone (via E-Mail or SMS) while your privacy is 100% protected. Nobody will have access to your personal information. We will forward all messages completely anonymous.

Our stickers get attached on the inside of your front windshield and are scannable from the outside.

Step 1: Somebody notices an issue with your parked car

But you are not within reach.

The hiddencontact QR-Code sticker on your front-windshield promts people to scan the QR Code due to the hint “Contact Owner”.

Step 2: Confirmation

After scanning the QR-Code our browser-based app opens on the senders smartphone.

Thanks to an optional picture of the car and license plate, the sender can confirm the car and then contact the owner.

Step 3: Interaction

The sender can now choose from different pre-defined topics regarding your car.

During registration you can choose which categories you want to activate. Besides pre-defined messages you can also allow free-text messages.

The sender can always leave his contact data.

Step 4: Sending

But where will the message be sent? We will not tell the sender – since we will forwarding it anonymously.

You can choose between receiving the messages via E-Mail (free) or as SMS (as subscription starting from $1.99 / year)

Step 5: Receiving the message

All messages are forwarded in real-time on the preferred channel of the owner including the possible contact information. This enables a direct clarification of any issues.

White-Label Products / Branding in your design?

No problem. Starting at volumes of 300 pcs we can create an individual design (product & app). Further infos you will find in our White-Label Options.