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Founded in 2021

We are a young company that was founded in 2021. Our journey started with an anonymous contact solutions for car-owners. Inspired by the many notes attached to cars due to critical parking or caused damages we wanted to provided a state-of-the art solution for this problem that can be used by everyone.

On the one hand we wanted to keep the owners privacy instead of publishing their phone number and at the same time we wanted to enable everybody else to get digitally in touch.

After successfully realizing this first product, we expanded our initial focus. By setting up our software very flexible from the beginning, we are capable of realizing many other use-cases aswell, ranging from anti-lost products to public sector damage reporting on critical infrastructure.

Jari Klose

Co-Founder of hiddencontact

I am the Swiss-Pocket-Knife at hiddencontact. From past roles in an international tech company I am bringing in experiences in production, product management, digitization & team leading.

Marius Walk

Co-Founder of hiddencontact

I am bringing in the IT-Tech-Knowledge at hiddencontact. Started in Dev-Ops I saw different roles in a big tech company including my last one, where I was project-lead for software products.

Met each other 2014 in Singapore

Same country, same company, same building, same floor. Common breaks with challenging table tennis matches. Here we met each other during an internship & visited different countries in South-East-Asia together.

Two years later we started (by chance!) in the same trainee programm at the same company and met again as colleagues.

But today we are more than just collegues – We are friends and business partner.

Meet us in in Stuttgart, Germany

You are currently in the south of Germany and would like to discuss an idea with the founders? Lets meet up!

Our goal for 2023: Becoming a SaaS No-Code provider

You know best how digital contact forms on physical objects can help you and your processes. This is why we want to enable you programm them yourself – without any line of code. Define everything: categories, standard messages, input fields and meta data fields to individualize every unique QR Codes during registration.

Get as many unique QR Codes, ready to be married to an physical object, as you want. By just a few clicks.

We provide the software you define the application.

And if you have any issues with producing so many unique QR Codes on hapticals: Use our service to produce stickers, tags or other signs for the Point of Interest.


We would love to realize your individual project. Lets discuss it together.