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Our Solution – Your Design

Use it as a digital & innovative gift for your customers, employees or applicants and show them that you really care.

We would love to bring our products in your design.

An advertising promise, that stays

We are protecting your gifted ones from loosing their valuables or making them contactable in urgent situations via their car.

Our products bring a long-term added value and are suitable for marketing campains, that remain present for long.

Your Logo, Your Colors, Your Design

We help you creating the ideal design. Not only for the package of the product but we also bring your logo on the product itself and also our Web-App.

The hole give-away will look like being cast in the same mold.

You are an innovative & digital company. Highlight this!

We call our whitelabeled products digi-hapticals. A mix out of digital and haptical Give-Away.

Stick to the value-core of your customers and go new & innovative ways. If you are a digital company, you better not use pens as give-aways to market yourself.

Create further digital touchpoints

Highlight further information on your company or ongoing projects: There are several options to enrich the interactions with Buttons, Pop-Ups or Links.

Our dynamic QR Code technology allows also an continuous adjustment of the information.

We would love to show you a demo.

You are a producer or seller of valuables thinking of extending your offering?

You would like to enhance your current products by e.g. Anti-Lost functionalities? You are on the right spot!

We are helping producers of e.g. wallets, luggages, bags, fobs, and protective smartphone cases and more to add additional services to their product.

Add services, increase margins & spotlight yourself in the jungle of competition.

You want to get in touch with us?

… we are looking forward to find the best fitting individual solution for you!